Pellets are eco friendly, carbon neutral, Solid Bio-Fuel, is a refined and densified biomass fuel allowing remarkable consistency and burn efficiency at substantially lower particulate emissions.

Made from leftover farm and forest residue, Pellet is a powerful replacement to conventional solid fuels, capable of addressing a multitude of issues including energy dependence, global warming, and larger global social development concerns.

Pellet is a versatile product that can be used across industries, community heating, and residential segments.

Commercial purposes

Pellets is a perfect fuel for heating needs at community level and in large spaces such as malls, educational institutions, and similar locations. A wide variety of pellet boilers are available in the market for using pellets for community heating purpose. A clean fuel with low ash content completely matches the market requirement for this segment.

Residential purposes

Globally, pellets are widely utilized in the residential sector for heating purposes. It provides a carbon free and safe fuel for residential heating. A range of heating appliances is also available in the market to pellets.