We are committed to offer the premium quality of bio coal, we apply stringent quality checking systems and testing procedures. Our Quality Control & Assurance keep a strict eye on the entire manufacturing processes right from purchase of raw materials to the shipment of finished goods.

This project is act as the "Best from waste." It gives us the Bio-coal from the wastages like Agro, The Wastages from these sources are the raw material of this project and the finished product is called Real bio coal. The feeding of raw material in this project provides us the best from waste.

There is no any specific need to special land or shed but suitable space and shed can give the best result in production and storage.

The project is essential for converting low-density biomass into high-density biomass fuel that is called Real bio coal or white-coal. Real bio coal are made from agricultural waste, which can effectively, used as a substitute of solid fuels [Coal or Wood] and can easily use as various kinds of thermal applications.

The demand of finished product briquettes is increasing day by day.It is available in various type of raw material easily in bulk.It is providing a prime renewable energy project to the Industries throughout the world. The project gives excellent viability.

The Fuel briquettes are made out of loose raw materials like groundnut-shell, which are abundantly available, into a compressed form to increase its specific weight, thus increasing the fuel efficiency as compared to its loose condition without using any Binders.

Economical than other fuels

It is more economical than other fuels because it contains low moisture, low ash high density. It is very easy for handling, transporting storage. It is cheaper than heavy furnace oil , steam coal fire wood etc.

To save environment is the duty of each and every human being. It is possible for us to stop environment pollution, but of course, we can control pollution so, let us join together and save our nature.

Comparative analysis

Sr.no Particulars Fire wood KGN briquettes/Pellets Coal   Lignite
1 Calorific value(Gcv) 2500 to 3000 4000 to 4600 3800 to 5000 2500-3100
2 Ash 20 to 28% 0.5 to 6% 25 to 50% 25 to 40%
3 Pollution,Poisonous and Effluent smoke Smoke No smoke ,No sulphur Sulpure,Co2,Phosphourous
4 Moisture 25 to 30% 4 to 7%  10% 25 to 40%
5 Cost Rs.3.5/kg Rs.4.5/kg Rs.6/kg 3.2/kg
6 Cost/cal.val Rs.4.50 Rs.4.00 Rs.6.50 Rs.5.50
Efficiency 50% 75% 70% 45%
7 Wastage 20% 5% 15% 25%
8 Labour usage Require Max.Labour in handling and cutting Single person is enough Require two person Require two to three person
9 Boiler efficiency Require regular maintenance Normal Fly Ash deposite on tubes High wear & tear High wear & tear
10 Handling Tough require more area Easy because of packed material Tough Tough

Proximate analysis of KGN   Briquettes Ultimate analysis of KGN  Briquettes
1 Moisture 6.6 to 7% Carbon 47.10%
2 Volatile matter 62 to 68% Ash content 4.00%
3 Ash content 4 to 8% Nitrogen 1.87%
4 Fixed carbon 12 to 18% Sulphur 0.2 to 0.3%
5     Oxygen(by differ) 38.86%